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Speed and accuracy
The company places a premium on speed and good client care, a factor that has influenced a fast customer growth pattern over the few years PIB has been in operation.

The rallying call, ‘Building on our Clients Trust …… Delivering on our Promises is strongly cherished by the staff, who will go to any lengths to satisfy this call in dealing with clients.

Arrangement for insurance covers is made with speed and great care to ensure that service is delivered in time and that the insurance benefits provided will often exceed the clients’ expectations and most times above the market average.

Claims service

The claims department staff on the other hand will move with speed to meet clients’ claims needs. We make sure that loss assessments, adjustments and investigations are done without delay by the underwriters appointed service providers.

We will assist in claims documentation procedures to speed up the claims process at no extra cost and offer advice on settlement procedures and quantum.

The objective is to keep our clients on top of things, feeling well secured and enjoying the attendant peace of mind.

Building on our Clients’ Trust …… Delivering on our Promises


About Us
PIB is a vibrant company engaged in the business of insurance broking and doing a good job of it....

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Customer Service
At Peace of Mind Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves on our quality services to our clients             Read More...

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