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About us


The organization was established in the year 2002 and incorporated under the Company’s Act on 7th January 2004.  It is authorized to transact both long term and general insurance business; this is after fulfilling the requirements of Insurance Act (Cap 487) as evidenced by the attached copy of certificate from the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Insurance business in Kenya is governed and regulated by the Insurance Act Cap 487.

The act was amended to create Insurance Regulatory Authority, which is empowered to license companies and individuals to conduct insurance business.

Further the Insurance Industry through various trading and professional associations self-regulate their members by putting in place code of conduct which all members are expected to adhere to. Some of those associations are: -

i)          Association of Kenyan Insurers

ii)         Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya

iii)        Insurance Institute of Kenya.


The company is involved in sales and serviceof all classes of insurance to Individuals, Private and Public Institutions. These classes are:


•          Motor private

•          Motor commercial

•          Motor commercial general cartage

•          Personal accident

•          Fire and perils

•          Fire consequential loss

•          Domestic package

•          Work injury benefit act

•          Employers liability

•          Professional Indemnity

•          Public liability,

•          Burglary

•          All Risks  

•          Electronic Equipment

•          Contractors All Risks

•          Goods in transit

•          Fidelity guarantee

•          Political violence

•          Travel Insurance

•          Directors and officers Liability

•          Media Liability 

•          Medical insurance.

•          Money policy

•          Performance bonds

•          Bid bonds

Machinery Breakdown

We will establish an Insurance program for you by:

Needs Assessment

Identifying your Insurance needs by deeply understanding your business.


Advising On Most Practical, Relevant and Cost Effective Insurance Policies

Ensuring insurance policies are as comprehensive as possible and at a very reasonable cost.


Facilitating and ensuring that claims reported are documented properly and therefore settled promptly.

Risk Management

Advising on risk management issues by proper audit of the entire risk and insurance cover required.  This enables us to advice on the risk that is uneconomical to insure and therefore should be retained by the company.

Loss Recovery

We facilitate the uninsured loss recovery from other parties who might be the cause of the loss through the Insurance Company on risk.

   Pension Scheme Management

In liaison with the insurance companies we advise, arrange and manage pension schemes and group life covers.

Risk Survey

We undertake risks surveying and advise our clients on what can be done to minimize the probability of a loss occurring and what should be done to reduce the loss suffered after an event has occurred.  Therefore we are both proactive and reactive as far as surveying is concerned.


We assist our clients in arranging premium financing from premium financing organizations at very reasonable interest rate.


Finally we advice on the most reliable, dependable and solid insurance company with whom to insure for this is our primary responsibility. We have a good working relationship with the following Insurance Companies:-

1.         UAP Provincial Insurance Co. Ltd

2.         AIG  Insurance co. Ltd

3.         Britam Insurance Co. Ltd

4.         Resolution Health East Africa

5.         AAR Health Services Ltd

6.         Insurance Co. of East Africa Ltd

7.         Fidelity Shield Insurance Co. Ltd

8.         Corporate Insurance Co. Ltd

9.         Co-operative Insurance Company of K. Ltd

10.       Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd

11.       APA Insurance Co. Ltd

12.       Heritage Insurance Co. Ltd

13.       Phoenix of East Africa Assurance Co. Ltd

14.       Pacis Insurance Co. Ltd.

15.       Gateway Insurance Co. Ltd

16.       Madison Insurance Co. Ltd

17.       Cannon Assurance Co. Ltd

18.       Africa Merchant Assurance Co. Ltd

19.       Intra AfricaAssurance Co. Ltd

20.       Xplico  Insurance  Company


To enhance efficiency in service delivery to our clients we have upgraded our computerized operations by installing the relevant softwareand trained our staff in handling the same.

Our services to you do not increase the insurance cost at all, neither do our absence reduce it. We earn commission from the insurance company on the premium received. Therefore, the professional advice we provide is very important, since the other party to the insurance contract is a professional and you may not be one. In other words, we create a level playing ground to the two parties of the insurance contract.

The Directors of the company are indigenous Kenyans whose involvement in the Insurance industry dates back to over ten years.  They have held top and middle management level positions in the insurance industry. They therefore bring into the company a reservoir of experience and 2004 and a change of name and management effected at the same time. Commonly referred to as PIB, the company has cultivated for itself a strong market presence.

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About Us
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