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Drive..Everywhere Motor Package

Academia Insuarance Policy Package

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Workmen’s compensation insurance policy

Employer’s liability insurance policy

Fire & perils insurance policy

Burglary insurance Policy

Goods in transit insurance policy

Public liability insurance policy

All risks insurance policy

Computers/electronic equipment ins. Policy

Money insurance policy

Fidelity guarantee insurance policy

Group life assurance

Group & individual medical schemes

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Peace of Mind Insurance Brokers Ltd invests resources in product research and development to make sure that the products on offer are of high quality and deliver customer expectations and maximum satisfaction.

We aim at negotiating improved product terms with leading insurance underwriters in every year and further agree on claims turn around times.

The Business and product development department with a strong team of technical experts has achieved a lot in a short while in registering some of the best insurance packages in the market. The general insurance products have been designed to create the necessary protection to our clients and provide the peace of mind that is attendant to a good insurance security.

The latest products include the
Drive …. Everywhere motor insurance package that offer increased limits, extended geographical limits to East Africa and COMESA regions, friendly excess terms, extra coverage for windscreens, music systems, limited number of passengers etc, all at the standard charge without any loading. Launched recently too is the Academia policy package that is specifically designed top appeal to the progressive private schools and colleges. It features increased passenger numbers in the motor school bus insurance policy and a high accumulation limit as well as an extension for the public liability insurance policy to include liability to students when under the care of the school anywhere within East Africa.

1. Drive ….. Everywhere motor insurance package
A. Motor Private
    i. Motor private – Comprehensive
    ii. Motor private – Third party Only
    b. Motor Commercial
    i. Motor Commercial – Comprehensive
    ii. Motor Commercial – Third Party Only
    iii. Motor Commercial – General Cartage
C. Motor Cycle Policy
     2. Contractor’s all risks
     3. Fire
     4. Money
     5. Domestic package
     6. Public liability
     7. Fidelity guarantee
     8. Medical – max pac
     9. Personal accident
    10    . Professional indemnity
    11. Work Injury Benefits Policy
    12. Group person accident
    13. Group life
    14. Golfer’s insurance
    15. Burglary
    16. Security bond
    17. Life
    18. Computer
    19. Cash in transit
    20. Office compact
    21. Stock floater
    22. Micro-sure
    23. Pension
    24. Motor contingent liability
    25. Loss of profits
    26. Goods in transit
    27. Businessman’s combined
    28. Immigration bond
    29. Marine
    30. Trustees liability
    31. All risks
    32. Financial guarantee bond
    33. Personal saving plan
    34. Office plus
    35. Travel insurance
    36. Fire consequential loss
    37. Machinery
    38. Individual pension
    39. Glass insurance
    40. Surety undertaking
    41. Asset insurance

2. Academia insurance policy package – Schools & Colleges
Academia comprehensive motor vehicle Insurance
     - Academia private car insurance
     - Academia school bus insurance
     - Academia commercial vehicle own goods insurance

 3. Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy
 4. Workmen’s compensation insurance policy
 5. Employer’s liability insurance policy
 6. Fire & perils insurance policy
 7. Burglary insurance Policy
 8. Goods in transit insurance policy
 9. Public liability insurance policy
10. All risks insurance policy
11. Computers/electronic equipment ins. Policy
12. Money insurance policy
13. Fidelity guarantee insurance policy
14. Group life assurance for Teachers & Directors/Managers
15. Group & individual medical schemes

16. The general insurance products
 These appeal to a wide range of clients, may it be-:

- Long haul transporters
- Supermarkets and Wholesale shop owners
Milk and bread distributors, Telecommunications, Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Industries and Manufacturing, Building contractors, Civil contractors, Banks and Financial institutions, Aviation, Tours and travel consultants, Public passenger transport etc

17. Medical insurance
We provide both corporate and individual medical schemes

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